Personal & Professional Development


This program is designed for ambitious students who are willing to be actively engaged in the education process taking increasing responsibilities in their learning.

Today, the health care professional should be equipped with knowledge, skills and attitudes that extend beyond traditional medical curricula.

This program is designed to prepare the graduate for the expanding tasks of the 21st century doctor. Doctors of tomorrow need to be lifelong self learners, prepared for their role in health care education and prevention beside management of the diseased, aware of the integrated high-tech health care systems that are developing over the region, ready to work within modern health care teams, ready to engage in post-graduate studies and research, and acquire a role model for a professional attitude.

Two threads of Personal and Professional Development extends through the program years



    Personal Development Thread


The content of the program extends beyond the requirements of the National Academic Reference Standards (NARS) to include other core topics that are seen essential for the personal development of the graduate. These topics are arranged in proper sequence in a thread that runs through the program years.

These include:


Learning activities related to personal development are basically practical in small groups and adopts the principle of “Learning by doing”



    Professional development thread



The professional development thread starts in the 2nd semester of year one with a course in 1st aid management and basic life support.

Early clinical exposure starts by developing the basic clinical skills related to the history taking and examination of different body systems, integrated with the body system modules studied in years 2 & 3.

These skills are gained within small interactive learning sessions. In this stage, training will concentrate on systematic -body system related- history taking, eliciting and interpreting NORMAL physical findings, and prototype pathological findings.

Clinical years’ clerkship will refine the basically acquired clinical skills. Yet, certain advanced skills will be acquired within the context of the skills lab

The educational goals reflect clearly on the courses content, instructional and assessment methods used in the program.