Prof. Dr. Faten Ghazal Biography


Peter Verheyen

Prof. Dr. Faten Ghazal

Professor of Pathology
EMP Medical Education Board member
Ain Shams University



Professor Faten Ghazal is a professor of Pathology at Faculty of Medicine Ain Shams University and a founding member of the “Extended Modular Program” Medical Education Board.

In 2010, she earned her joint “Master of Health Professions Education” (Maastricht-Suez Canal Universities) with an Award of Second Top Class”.

Besides being an active Pathology professor, she has been the coordinator of the Medical Education Development and Quality Assurance Committees for Pathology Department. She has been a member of the Curriculum Committee, the coordinator of third year course of Pathology for the undergraduate programme as well as the postgraduate courses of Pathology.

Professor Faten Ghazal is an Internationally Certified Trainer and HRD Consultant ( since January 2011.