Prof. Dr. Hany Shawky Biography


Peter Verheyen

Prof. Dr. Hany Shawky

Head of Anatomy department
EMP Medical Education Board member – Phase “I” coordinator
Ain Shams University



Professor Hany Shawki Nadim is a graduate of Ain Shams Faculty of medicine in the year 1980.

He obtained a research training grant from Louisiana State University, New Orleans, USA and is a former research fellow of Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA.

Professor Hany Shawki Nadim is currently the Chair of the department of Anatomy of the Ain Shams Faculty of Medicine. He is the Secretary of the Scientific Committee of the Supreme Council of Universities for Promotion of Anatomy Professors and is the founder and director of the e-learning anatomy lab.

In the academic year of 2004-2005, Professor Hany Shawki occupied the post of Vice Dean, Acting Dean & Coordinator of the integrated medical program , Mutah University, Jordan.

He has been appointed as the coordinator of the pre-clerkship phase of the Extended Modular Program (EMP).