EMP Graduates

    The EMP aims to prepare a graduate who is:



  1. Motivated lifelong learner
  2. Equipped with adequate integrated knowledge, professional and generic skills
  3. Acquainted with the bases of professional attitude
  4. Ready to engage as an active member of the health care provider team


    10 smart reasons for you to join the EMP:



  1. Learning in integrated modules with no unnecessary knowledge or undue repetition
  2. Learning by doing and using other innovative learning strategies
  3. Learning & working in a team in a friendly atmosphere
  4. Continuous personal & professional development
  5. Competency based learning & assessment
  6. Prepared for being a lifelong learner
  7. Early yet timed integrated clinical exposure
  8. Getting prepared for being an excellent clinician
  9. Getting ready for “IFOM” and “USMLE” exam by the end of each phase
  10. Getting equipped with knowledge & skills that extends beyond the classical medical curriculum